Our Story

The time is now

Yeshiva Nishmas Hatorah is a yeshiva of the future – a yeshiva where talmidim are valued and their individual strengths are discovered and honored. A curated staff of caring Rebeim are the core of this small, warm yeshiva where connection and relationships are the heart of learning. At Nishmas Hatorah, students are primed for greatness in Avodas Hashem.


Journey of a Nishmas Talmid

Yeshiva Nishmas Hatorah presents you with a comprehensive curriculum that doesn’t just educate and inspire you when you’re in yeshiva. We help put you on the path to educate and inspire yourself and family for years to come:


Parents watch with wonder as their son attends an optional night seder and spends hours learning in shul on Shabbos afternoon. They notice the smile on his face as he goes and comes from yeshiva. They see a new light in his eyes.

He’s connecting with his rebbi, his yeshiva, and his learning.

A bochur seeks hadracha as he navigates young adulthood balancing learning, parnasa, and shidduch goals. He joins the bais medrash and is captivated by his rebbeim with their emphasis on derech eretz and hashkafas hachaim. He’s learning with a new focus, finding inner peace and shleimus.

He’s connecting with himself.

He’s married now and raising a family of his own. He’s living the learning of his years and he’s ready to share his light with the world. He strives to be a great father, husband, employee, friend, and yid that he knows he can be. He’s an Eved Hashem.

He’s connected to the Borei Olam.

“The Kollel has a great energy that the mesivta boys really connect with. How many teenage boys get a chance to build a relationship with an adult who takes the time to learn with and get to know him?”

Rabbi Yitzy Haber, Community Member and Kollel Participant